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The Legendary Grand Tour is unlike any other motoring event in the country because it is not confined to a field but let loose on the roads of North Devon. What makes our event so special is that our Minis do not drive off in groups of 20, or 1 every 3 minutes, but in a convoy one after the other. We could never call the LGT the biggest motoring event in the country, because we restrict it to 250 Minis, but when it is out on the open road in a convoy traveling at 30 mph, it is nearly 10 miles long and can take 15 to 20 minutes to pass, so it must be one of the longest.
We take our convoy to so many different towns and villages across North Devon, in fact, we join some of the towns and villages together. We bring thousands of people out into the streets to watch us go by. We invade housing estates where people are sitting on their front lawns drinking tea and sipping glasses of wine and waving flags from behind homemade banners. The spectators will fill lay-bys and they will be standing on bridges laughing and smiling and waving as we go by.
Somehow over the past 20 years, the Minis have been taken into the hearts of the people of North Devon and that’s how we can do what we do and get away with it. There is an incredible reaction from the children who drag their parents out to watch it year after year. They cheer and dance when they hear us coming, their Mum’s and Dad’s, Nan’s and Grandad’s smile and wave as we go by. Maybe we bring back a few memories of a time when they had a Mini and how the whole family squeezed into one to go on holiday. It is amazing to think some of those children who wave at us all those years ago now have children of their own who come out and watch as go by.

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